Explore the Interesting Pictavia Visitor Centre in Brechin

The Pictavia Visitors Centre is situated in the countryside park of Brechin Castle providing a beautiful setting for guests and visitors. The Centre educates visitors on the local warrior tribe who once lived in the Angus region during the first Millennium.

The Picit or the Picts culture is detailed here at the Pictavia Visitor Centre in Brechin, giving visitors a wonderful opportunity to step back in time and learn about this local tribe discover everything about their existence. These interesting, but mysterious, people left a carved legacy made out of stone for future generations to discover. On these carved stones are symbolic inscriptions and images of warriors, birds and beasts. Interestingly, the pictures of animals and birds found on these stones are creatures commonly found in this region of Scotland today.

Before the Scotland we know today was formed it was split into two parts, the Land of the Picts and the Kingdom of the Scots. The Pictish people were made up of many warrior tribes who lived in the northern and eastern parts of Scotland. On the other side was a tribe called the Angles or Northumbrians who were eager to extend their territory and take over the kingdom of Pictavia.

This led to a battle between the Northumbrian King, Egfrith, and his tribe against King Bridei and his warriors. Up until then King Egfrith had taken over large sections of land and so he was quite confident that he and his men would be able to easily overpower the Picts. Unbeknown to the Northumbrian King was that the Picts not only knew about the coming invasion, but they had also devised a cunning plan. The Picts were victorious and won the battle that had taken place in Dunnichen. This is where the stones come in. The Picts left a record about what occurred that day on stone and placed them in a churchyard situated in Angus.

The Pictavia Visitors Centre provides visitors with a play area for the children, a restaurant where you can get a bite to eat and a gift shop because you will no doubt want to take something to remind you of the Picts.