The Mighty Deerstalker Race

The Mighty Deerstalker is described as Scotland’s adventure race which is designed for any reasonably fit runner to reach the finish line. Runners that competed in the inaugural event in 2007 can testify that it certainly was an adventure and many are eagerly awaiting the 2008 event which is set for 1st March 2008.

The home base for The Mighty Deerstalker will be the historic Traquair House in Tweed Valley, Innerleithen in the Scottish Borders. Dating back to 1107 this magnificently preserved building is Scotland’s oldest continually inhabited house. Nestling in beautiful gardens surrounded by forested areas, Traquair House boasts its own brewery, craft workshops, a restaurant and one of the largest hedged mazes in Scotland. With so much to see in the area, runners may want to consider making a long weekend out of The Mighty Deerstalker event.

The 5 kilometer race, known as The Deerstalker, starts and finishes at Traquair House and covers varied terrain, including some steep ascents, water crossings, forest trails and various obstacles to overcome. Although this race will test the mettle of even seasoned off-road runners, competitors can be comforted by the fact that they will never be too far away from home-base and can expect a hero’s welcome when they victoriously cross the finish line. The 5 kilometer distance is suggested for those who are keen on a short distance sprint challenge, as well as for competitors who are new to the challenges of off-road running. Depending on the fitness of the competitor, The Deerstalker, which starts at 14:00, takes between 50 minutes to 2 hours to complete.

For those who feel the need for a tougher challenge, The MIGHTY Deerstalker covers a distance of 10 kilometers and has more obstacles to overcome. Starting at 17:00, runners will complete the same course as the 5 kilometer race. But instead of stopping once over the finish line, Mighty Deerstalker runners will continue into the twilight, equipped with a head-torch to light the way. The second 5 kilometer loop of this race will have the added obstacle of darkness to contend with. The lead runner will light the Deerstalker homecoming fireworks at the top of the ridge, signaling to waiting spectators that the Mighty Deerstalker runners are on their way home. The runners will complete the home stretch with colorful, noisy fireworks lighting up the night sky. The 10 kilometer event takes between 90 minutes and four hours to complete.

The action doesn’t end with crossing the finish line. The Beerstalker Party will go on into the night, with food, drink and entertainment, as well prize-giving for victorious runners, providing a high-spirited ending to a fun-filled event.