Visiting the Town of Wishaw

There are a few theories as to how the town of Wishaw got its name, and each theory is rather plausible. It could have come from the name of a house constructed by Hamilton of Uddsten in the forest, Wishaw House, or it could have come from the fact that it used to be named Wygateshaw, meaning “Wicket Gate in the Wood”. Either way, the picturesque town is located on the rim of the Clyde Valley in North Lanarkshire, which is approximately fifteen miles outside of Glasgow.

It is believed that a settlement was located at the site of Wishaw as far back as the twelfth century. Monuments of this ancient settlement can still be viewed in the form of the mausoleum that was constructed in honor of Lord Belhaven, as well as the ruins of a church that is unfortunately beyond repair. The town of Cambusnethan was officially established in the year 1794, and later its name was changed to Wishawtown. The surrounding villages of Stewarton and Coltness were amalgamated with Wishawtown and the Burgh of Wishaw was created.

The local newspaper, the Wishaw Press, has been bringing the latest news to its residents for more than fifty years, and a number of famous people are linked to Wishaw, such as John Cleland (Motor Racing Champion Driver), Paul Higgens (Writer and Actor), Anne Sharp (Opera Singer), Paul Quinn (Footballer), Gordon Reid (Actor) and John Higgins (World Snooker Player), to name but a few.

For visitors, the shops in Wishaw might not be as stylish or flamboyant as in the larger cities, but there are a number of quaint stores and well known fast food, with local restaurants offering good meals to everyone who passes through their doors. There is some nightlife for visitors to enjoy in the form of the Mecca Bingo Hall, a few nightclubs, pubs and hotel pubs.

For sporting enthusiasts, the town of Wishaw offers a very large golf course in the northwest region of the town. The sport centre offers swimming, martial arts, badminton and a skatepark. Belhaven Park, named in tribute of Lord Belhaven, is the town’s park and offers a tranquil area for visitors to relax in, that includes manicured lawns, pathways, paddling pools, swings and park benches where visitors can sit and enjoy the beauty of the park. Wishaw also has numerous churches and other breathtaking structures and attractions for visitors to explore.