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  • Fife


    Anstruther, fondly known by locals as Anster, is the largest settlement in Fife's East Neuk area. This fascinating seaside village is said to have had its beginning back in the Pictish era with solid evidence also dating back to the early Christian church. A lovely picturesque village, Anstruther's busy harbor is watched over by a row of shops and restaurants.

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    Loch Ness Exhibition Center

    For centuries burly Scotsmen have been touting stories of a legendary monster that inhabited the Loch Ness. ‘Nessie’, as it has been affectionately called, has not only become synonymous with the loch but has in many instances become more famous than this beautiful body of water. However, in this day and age of science and technology, very few people would gladly admit that they are ...

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    Stratosphere Science Centre

    The Satrosphere Science Centre is an educational attraction in Scotland that is focused on the youth and the extending of science knowledge in terms that even adults can understand. This initiative has won the praise of many that have visited the center and it is hoped that by introducing science to children in a fun and interesting way, that Scotland might develop the ...

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    St. Andrew's Aquarium

    A mysterious world with its unfathomable depths, marveled at and the subject of intense research, the sea remains less understood by man than outer space is. We are continually awed by the magnitude and might of this secretive aquarium but beneath in the remotest of corners to the open shallows lies a world beyond our comprehension. A little piece of this mystical world is on display at ...

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    South West Maize Maze

    Amongst the most popular attractions in Scotland, the South West Scotland's Maize Maze is known to be an extremely fun and entertaining excursion. If you happen to find yourself in the region of Dumfries during late summer or early fall, make sure that you don’t pass by Carruthers Town and the annual South West Scotland’s Maize Maze. This wonderful seasonal activity is a ...

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    Pitlochry Amusement Park

    If you are traveling with children, you simply cannot afford to miss the Pitlochry Children’s Amusement Park. This excellent park is often rated as the best child-orientated attraction in Perthshire. The Park offers children all kinds of entertainment including fun rides, rollercoasters, carousel and arcade games. It also has an excellent snack bar where the kids can calm their rumbling ...

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    Jarlshof Settlement

    The name Jarlshof originates from the Old House of Sumburg, constructed in the seventeenth century and named in the novel “The Pirate”, by Sir Walter Scott. And so the three-acre site became known as the Jarlshof Prehistoric and Norse Settlement. This is an extremely unique attraction in Scotland, as it is a visual display of history. An exhibit that you can see, touch and ...

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    Glasgow Science Centre

    Overlooking the Clyde in all its glory stands the magnificent titanium arc of the Glasgow Science Centre. Within this building you will find the Science Mall, a true hub of knowledge. The Science Centre spans over three floors, all crammed with exhibitions waiting to be investigated, live science shows, interactive workshops and labs. One of the most popular features is the Scottish ...

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    Edinburgh Zoo

    No matter what your age, a trip to the Edinburgh Zoo is always a treat. The Edinburgh Zoo has a reputation for being the largest wildlife attraction in Scotland and it is not only committed to the protection, comfort and preservation of the animals that it houses, but also to education of the public, and continued conservation of animals in the wild. Edinburgh Zoo states that its mission is ...

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    Edinburgh University

    In Edinburgh, Scotland, 1582, a Royal charter granted by James VI allowed for the construction of a University in the city. Thus the ancient but prestigious University of Edinburgh could be founded and came into being as one of the principal and most highly regarded centers for teaching and research. By the 18th century Edinburgh University had become one of the most recognized ...