Seadrift Visitor Centre in Dunnet

Located in the Highlands of Scotland, in Caithness, Dunnet is a quaint village with numerous museums, archeological sites and historical structures depicting the fascinating heritage of the village. Each year, festivals take place in which the entire village participates, with vintage cars on display, traditional games being played and various other competitions. Dunnet Bay is known for its tranquil beaches and surfing areas. Amongst some of its most popular attractions is the Seadrift Visitor Centre. It is a facility that is dedicated to the bird life of the area and is a wealth of information for birding enthusiasts.

The windows of the main room of the Seadrift Visitor Centre look out over the beach and offer breathtaking views of Dunnet Head. Standing at these windows and making use of their telescope and binoculars, visitors will be able to view some of the amazing bird life that has made the beach their home. The centre also provides tiered seating and a reference book, assisting visitors in identifying the birds they have seen. The centre has numerous displays that educate the public on the breeding habits of various birds, their habitats and the affect that climate change and human intervention has on these species. Another display looks at a stretch of water known as Pentland Firthm which is home to dolphins, seaweed forests and whales, and also features the skeletal remains of some of the mammals that have washed onto the beaches. Over and above looking at the bird life and marine animals found along the coast, the Seadrift Visitor Centre focuses on sea shells, the importance of sand dunes and the history of the beaches of Dunnet.

For younger visitors, the centre has a room of exploration especially set up for children, where they are able to open drawers to explore what is hidden in them and compare themselves to the actual size of many of the animals and birds displayed by the centre. Educational tours for schools and groups are available, and they also organize walks for visitors to enjoy. The Seadrift Visitor Centre is a facility that looks at the fauna and flora of the village, in the sea and on the land, and helps to conserve its natural wonders through education and awareness.