Scotland’s Cultural Celebrations: Highland 2007

A year of bounteous celebrations await Scotland with the “Highland 2007” – a year long festival dedicated to Scottish Highland culture. Bringing together both traditional and contemporary culture, Highland 2007 festival is set to be a jubilant affair and participants from all across the Highlands and Islands will gather together to contribute to a magnificent 2007.

The idea for the Highland 2007 celebrations was introduced by First Minister Jack McConnell in March 2003. Since then, much has gone into preparing the country for this exciting year of Scottish Highland culture. The chief aim of the Highland 2007 celebrations is to promote the Scottish Highlands as an attractive place to live and tour, presenting the region’s unique culture for all to see. This thrilling program will also offer many Scotsman as well as tourists an opportunity to experience Highland culture for themselves. Ultimately the year-long event will seek to benefit this famous Scottish region socially and economically for years to come.

A wide variety of fun-filled events will be taking place all through 2007 in a number of cities, towns and villages. From heritage celebrations to sporting events, from science exhibits to environmental programs, from art demonstrations to language performances, Highland 2007 has something to please everyone. So far many original and exciting events have been registered and many more are pouring in.

January 1, 2007 kicked off with “Natural Rhythms“, which will run right up to New Year’s Eve in December with workshops used to create a number of stunning musical pieces. The Trotternish Dance Group will be offering weekly Ceilidh dancing classes up to March 2007. 15 and 16 February will bring the fun Theartre Maker to Stornoway. This event draws young ones between 10 and 12 years to a workshop in melodrama, circus skills and mime.

Visitors in the Highlands between 16 February and 3 March can take part in the Fort William Mountain Festival. Join in an interesting workshop with the Highland Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers on 17 or 18 February. The magical Inverness Music Festival takes place from 19 February to 8 March. You also won’t want to miss the Dreich End Festival in Perthshire from 22 February to 26 February.

This is just a sampling of the endless entertainment, education and excitement offered by the Highland 2007 program. If you have been planning to visit Scotland, 2007 is the year to do so. You can make lasting memories by joining in the fun of Highland 2007.