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  • Proverbs

    Proverbs, as we all know, are sayings, advice given in short sentences or statements of the truth. Scottish proverbs are no different and some of the proverbs used in Scotland date back hundreds of years. Proverbs used by the Scottish can sometimes have a catchy rhyme to them or have a touch of humor, but no matter how they are spoken they are part and parcel of the Scottish ...

  • Castle Gallery

    For over ten years the Castle Gallery has been producing and selling artwork from 43 Castle Street, located in a charming town called Inverness, in Scotland. The Castle Gallery is rated one of the foremost commercial art galleries in the country and a definite must if you have not already been there.

  • Artery Gallery

    The Artery Gallery is found in Perthshire, Scotland at 22 King Street but there are other Artery galleries in the country. The Artery Gallery's goal and focus is to become the leading art gallery in Scotland where visitors can come in and enjoy the talents of the artists displayed there. The Artery Gallery is different from most other galleries in that the collection of beautiful and unique ...

  • Eden Court Theatre

    Eden Court Theatre is an all-purpose theatre and the only arts cinema that provides entertainment for the whole Highlands region, which is in the North of Scotland. So with this in mind it is no wonder that there has been a 40% increase in audience attendance over last few years and over a 160,000 tickets sold in one year.

  • Abriachan Hall

    The Abriachan Hall is a village hall and is situated in Abriachan in the Inverness and Nairn region. The Abriachan Hall is quite an old building and was built in 1920, but since then it has had a complete make-over having been fully refurbished in 2000.

  • Royal Scottish Academy

    The Royal Scottish Academy was established in 1826, and its primary function has always been to promote contemporary art originating from Scotland. The building that houses the academy was designed by William Henry Playfair and has recently been restored to ensure that this landmark building continues to stand proudly on Princess Street in Edinburgh. The architecture of the ...

  • Pitlochry Festival Theatre

    Pitlochry may be a small Victorian town, but that does not mean that it has not moved with the times, and it has managed to do just that, while retaining it's small town charm. Proof of this fact can be found at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre where you will find new and inspiring performances available every day of the week. This relatively small theatre is home to the largest ensemble ...

  • Gateway Theatre

    The Gateway Theatre can be found on Elm Row, Leith Walk in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is one of the leading theatre houses that encourages international recognition for local shows and actors. Gateway is also the venue where all the Acting and Production students from the Queen Margaret University College practice and perform.