Ardnadam Heritage Trail

Many visitors to Scotland prefer to explore the magnificence of Scotland on foot, especially when discovering the beauty of its countryside and breathtaking landscapes. Walking and hiking routes are located throughout Scotland. Trails, such as the Ardnadam Heritage Trail, offer visitors stunning natural beauty, picturesque views and a trail that is easy to navigate without being in a superb fitness condition. The Ardnadam Heritage Trail is an attraction in Scotland that is recommended to visitors, as it is an unforgettable journey into the highlands and a unique look at the history of this region.

The dedicated parking area for the Ardnadam Heritage Trail is located in Sandbanks and also offers a peaceful picnic area for visitors. Local tourist information centers have leaflets available in regard to the Ardnadam Heritage Trail, offering information about certain locations on the trail and the trail is marked with numbered posts that make the trail easier for hiking enthusiasts to follow. The first part of the trail consists of tranquil forest and lovely wooden bridges over small clear streams that bring visitors to the first attraction on the trail, namely the Ardnadam enclosure.

The Ardnadam enclosure is a very significant attraction on the Ardnadam Heritage Trail, as it is an archaeological site that is said to have been in use for more than five thousand years. Vegetation has reclaimed most of the site, but a few structures are still visible, such as the thousand year old ruins of the chapel, what remains of the iron-age house and the posts that have survived of the Neolithic house. The trail then continues on through the beautiful landscape of woods, footbridges and drystone dyke, till hikers find themselves at the foot of a steep slope, which rewards hikers with spectacular views of the Firth of Clyde, Dunoon and Holly Loch. The Ardnadam Heritage Trail covers a distance of three and a half kilometers and the closest locations for refreshment after hiking the trail are Dunoon and Sandbank. For visitors, the Ardnadam Heritage Trail is a wonderful activity to enjoy as a day excursion, as it is not only beautiful, but rich in the heritage of Scotland.