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  • Dumfries and Galloway

    Dumfries and Galloway is a region rich in natural beauty, historical attractions and fascinating activities. A varied landscape of hills, moorland, coastline, forest and rivers is just waiting to be explored, as is the Mull of Galloway, the most southerly point of Scotland.

  • Dumfries

    Also known as the ‘Queen of the South’, Dumfries is a beautiful town characterized most notably by a long and interesting history. The character of this Scottish town is strongly bound up in its charming stone walls and buildings as well as the interesting people and the age-old feel.

  • South West Maize Maze

    Amongst the most popular attractions in Scotland, the South West Scotland's Maize Maze is known to be an extremely fun and entertaining excursion. If you happen to find yourself in the region of Dumfries during late summer or early fall, make sure that you don’t pass by Carruthers Town and the annual South West Scotland’s Maize Maze. This wonderful seasonal activity is a ...

  • The Southerness Course

    Southerness Golf Course is a hidden gem on a remote headland that lies in Dumfries and Galloway, the southernmost region of Scotland. Located right on the shoreline of the Solway Firth it offers spectacular views across the coast of Galloway and the Galloway Hills to the west. Look to the south and you see the mountains of the Cumbria and Lake District and the North of England. Southerness ...

  • Dumfries Museum

    The Dumfries Museum is located in the small town of Dumfries, which is in the Scottish South West. The town of Dumfries became a royal burgh in the year 1186 and was an important Scottish border for many years. Even though Dumfries is not the hub of Scotland, it has seen its fair share of famous people that lived here. Allan McNish became an accomplished Formula One racing ...

  • The Museum of Lead Mining

    Located in Dumfries and Galloway, the fascinating Museum of Lead Mining invites visitors to explore an old lead mine whilst gaining insight into the industry as well as the village of Wanlockhead in which it is situated. This is a truly remarkable adventure back in time, which is both educational and entertaining.

  • Caerlaverock

    One of Scotland’s the most attractive and interesting castles is Caerlaverock, which was built to control the waters of Solway Firth, the southwest entrance to Scotland. The border conflicts with England gave the castle a turbulent history. Till the12th century, when it came under the Normans, the eastern Solway had alternated between English and Scottish rule.

  • Torthorwald

    It looks like a huge three dimensional jigsaw puzzle with some pieces missing, leaving gaping holes in the middle. It certainly looks like it has been there like that forever; there is even grass and plants growing out of its top for good measure. Today it a mute witness to the changing world around it. Once it was an integral part of history being created. This is Torthorwald Castle in ...

  • Kirkcudbright

    Kirkcudbright is well known for its reputation as an artists’ town. The attractive, well-kept houses and shops painted in pretty colors, combined with stunning old buildings and historical streets are an artist's creative paradise. Many have moved here to feed on the inspiration that bubbles forth in this fascinating Scottish town. However, Kirkcudbright in Scotland has much more to offer ...