The Golden Spurtle World Porridge-making Championships

If you enjoy a good bowl of porridge, you simply have to get yourself to the Golden Spurtle World Porridge-making Championships in Carrbridge. This great annual porridge making event in the Scottish Highlands is part of a massive fun-filled family event.

Long gone are the days of a simple bowl of oatmeal porridge. At the Golden Spurtle World Porridge-making Championships you’ll find the most imaginative porridge recipes imaginable. Suddenly breakfast gets a slice of kiwi-fruit or a dash of chili. A slice or two of glazed peaches or other fruit may be added to the side to make the dish look more appetizing. Some competitors keep it simple – aiming to simply provide the best tasting dish of good-old-fashioned oatmeal possible. Others prefer to get creative and serve up the most imaginative and (hopefully) tasty dish they possibly can. The event is divided into several categories so that judging can be as fair as possible. All competitors can claim a medal at the end of the event while winners of each category can claim an extra prize.

You may find yourself asking how such an event got started. The annual Golden Spurtle championships are held in order to raise funds for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres and are part of a larger annual fair which also features running races, a farmers market, stalls, live music and street entertainment. Those supporting the event will be given the opportunity to taste the various porridges and may choose to enter the 5km Carrbridge Challenge, the 3km Woodland Run or the Mini Fun Run for a spot of fun on their own. Of course, all funds raised are donated to the Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centers where they are put to good use in caring for, informing and supporting people with cancer and their respective families and friends. And, because it is for a good cause, the event is usually very well supported.

If you want to contribute to this good cause, you can either make a donation to Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centers or you can support this great annual event. So get down to Carrbridge in Inverness-shire in Scotland on the 7th of October 2007 and make this most of this unusual and fun-filled family festival!