The Awe-inspiring Beauty of Assynt

It is not every day that one stumbles upon a part of a country that can only be described with words such as breathtaking, incredible and inspiring. And in the North West Highlands, in Scotland, awaits the beauty and brilliance of Assynt. There is much to explore and discover in the mountainous landscape of Assynt and it has become a favorite with hikers, geologists and photographers.

There are many hiking companies in Scotland that specialize in taking visitors on an Assynt adventure. The hills found in Assynt might not be impressive in height and size, but it is the rock formations and unique shapes of the mountains, that make this area so spectacular. Scientists have dated the types of rocks back millions of years, and the Torridonian sandstone, which is covered in marine deposits related to the Cambro-Ordovician time, is now what is seen as the Assynt Mountains.

To the top of the peaks, a chain of schistose rocks can be found, referred to as the Moine Series. It is still disputed if Cambro-Ordovician rocks are older than Moine schists. Even though these facts are of importance to scientists and geologists, most people that visit Assynt are only interested in the magnificence that surrounds them and the small mysteries, such as the peaks being pointed in an eastward position (like the Egyptian sphinxes), that peak their curiosity and imaginations.

Over and above being home to the oldest rock formations in Scotland, and in the United Kingdom for that matter, Assynt is also known for its remarkable and scenic country side. From the quiet moorland to the powerful rivers, this region has it all. Hiking enthusiasts will find that walking along the clear waters of the rivers and lochs, taking in the tranquility of the beaches and marveling at the wondrous nature that blankets Assynt, is just as rewarding as taking on the mountains.

The power of the region is felt by everyone who visits this remote and deserted scenery, which is why so any artists come to Assynt, to be inspired by its quiet yet powerful presence. As wild and as bold as the landscape is, it is rejuvenating, rare and unforgettable.