Olympic Dreams Come True

Chris Hoy was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 23 March 1976 and has always had the ambition and the drive to become an Olympic champion. His fascination with bicycles started at the age of six when he first saw BMX bicycles in the movie E.T. It grew into a passion that has driven him to become the best cyclist in the history of Scotland, and now, the best in the world. Taking the Beijing Olympics by storm, Chris Hoy has reaped the rewards of years of training, dedication and sacrifice, bringing home three gold medals.

His mother bought him his first BMX, which did not last long, neither did the bicycle he got from the neighbors, as he was always pushing the limits. Soon it was apparent that cycling was not just fun, but an obsession and passion, and together with his parents he bought a Raleigh Super Burner and joined a club. Being a part of a team meant that he had to travel to many of his racing events, and his father would take him on the road trips, filled with pride and support. By the time BMX racing was starting to fade, Chris Hoy had traveled the world competing and was the No 1 ranking BMX cyclist in Scotland, which also placed him in ninth position in the world. Even though he also excelled in sports like rowing and rugby, he began to focus his attention on mountain biking.

After joining the Dunedin Cycling Club, he was exposed to the banking boards of the track at the Meadowbank Velodrome, and from there, as they say, the rest was history. Winning titles became second nature to Hoy, who won UK and Scottish titles before moving on to victory in international events. He won silver at the World Championships in 1999 and at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. His first Olympic gold medal came at the 2004 Athens Olympics and he has won the World Championships nine times.

But winning three gold medals at the Beijing Olympics has made a lifelong dream come true, becoming one of the best Olympic athletes Great Britain has ever had representing them. The last British athlete to have won three gold medals at one Olympic meeting was Henry Taylor, with swimming, in 1908. The cycling team has performed magnificently, winning medals and achieving greatness at the Beijing Olympics. And for Chris Hoy, it was an emotional and overwhelming experience for him and his family. He performed beyond expectation and has been rewarded for his hard training and dedication. His humble outlook on his achievements and his determination to reach his goals makes Chris Hoy an inspirational and worthy competitor.