Tag: technology

  • Stratosphere Science Centre

    The Satrosphere Science Centre is an educational attraction in Scotland that is focused on the youth and the extending of science knowledge in terms that even adults can understand. This initiative has won the praise of many that have visited the center and it is hoped that by introducing science to children in a fun and interesting way, that Scotland might develop the ...

  • Royal Museum of Scotland

    The Royal Museum of Scotland is part of the National Museums of Scotland and is located on Chambers Street in Edinburgh. The Royal museum is a great example of Victorian architecture designed in a Venetian Renaissance style by the famous architect, Francis Fawk. Fawk was originally a Captain and later joined the Royal Engineers association and was responsible for designing and building the ...

  • Inverness Museum

    Located in the Scottish Highlands is lovely city of Inverness. A bustling tourist destination, Inverness boasts a number of popular attractions. One such attraction is the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery. Offering visitors a remarkable experience to view many exhibits as well as engage in a selection of activities, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery will interest everyone.