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  • Inverness

    Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Macbeth’ was supposedly based in the earlier 11th century Inverness Castle, the location of Duncan’s murder. The present Inverness Castle may not be witness to anything so dramatic, but as the premises of the Sheriff’s Court it may not be without its own tales of crime and passion.

  • Glamis

    Anyone who has ever been in Scotland has seen an image of Glamis Castle: it features on the Bank of Scotland ten pound note. Glamis Castle is best known as the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth’s mother, the Late Queen Mother. In fact, the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret was born at Glamis. Set in the rolling hills of Angus, 20km from the North Sea, Glamis has been the family home and ...

  • Famous Scots

    William WallaceWilliam Wallace is known as the greatest hero and one of the most important symbols of Scottish independence in Scotland's history, although he lived many centuries ago. Although his exact birth date and birthplace is unknown, he was born around 1276. William was Sir Malcolm Wallace's second son of three. By the year 1297, Wallace controlled much of Scotland, and his ...