The Beauty of Geilston Garden

From April to October the Geilston Garden welcomes visitors who come to marvel at the beauty of their floral displays and seek its tranquility. Located just outside of Glasgow, in Cardross, the Geilston Garden combines beauty and history for everyone to enjoy. The garden was established approximately two hundred years ago and has stood the test of time, continuing inspiring and amazing its visitors. Walking through this breathtaking color and fragrance extravaganza is a recommended attraction while in Scotland.

Visitors to the Geilston Garden will have a lot to explore, from taking a walk through the woodland of Geilston Burn to discovering the astonishing gigantic Wellingtonia, which is one of the garden’s most popular features. Inside the walled garden, of which the walls were erected in 1797, lies the legacy of Miss Elizabeth Hendry with breathtaking Japanese azaleas and areas blanketed in heather. Another noteworthy sight in the garden, which is separate to the rest of the area, is the kitchen garden that is filled with mouthwatering vegetables. These vegetables are harvested and then sold to the public from a small stall and include beetroot, carrots and brassicas. Amongst the various flower species growing in the Geilston Garden are Plox, Thalictrum, Sidalcea and Helenium. There is also a wide variety of shrubs and tree species.

No dogs, with the exception of guide dogs, are permitted in the garden, and there is ample safe parking available for visitors. The Geilston Garden also boasts a small shop and a few refreshments, such as freshly brewed coffee, to rejuvenate visitors after exploring the vastness of the gardens. Geilston Gardens also invites large groups and tourism operators to bring their clients to the gardens, where they are welcome to throw down a blanket on the lawns and enjoy a lovely picnic amidst the peacefulness of the gardens. The flowers and lush vegetation lures a great number of bird life, giving bird watching enthusiasts the opportunity to catch a glimpse of a few vibrant bird species. Geilston Garden is a noteworthy attraction in Scotland, and visitors are encouraged to discover the beauty of the gardens, both historical and of the present age.