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  • Nature Reserves

    Knowetop Loch Reserve

    The Knowetop Lochs Reserve can be found just four miles from Corsock, Dumfries and Galloway. Knowetop has two small lochs on its 23 hectares of land, which are locally known as Lowes Lochs, which means "bright and shiny lochs". The two lochs are not far from each other and are separated by a piece of woodland made up of birch trees. Herons and goosanders are popular by the lochs not only ...

  • Nature Reserves

    Keen of Hamar NNR

    Upon arriving at the Keen of Hamar National Nature Reserve, many people find themselves quite surprised at the somewhat barren landscape that characterizes the reserve. They may feel that it is impossible for such a rocky, seemingly barren place to sustain life of any sort. It is interesting that the word ‘Hamar’ means ‘rocky outcrop on the hillside’ – an entirely appropriate description of ...

  • Culture


    Every year around spring time, Scotland's hills and moors take on a magical appearance as flowers begin to blossom and the days begin to grow longer. While the temperature might still be somewhat frosty, these little delights seem to warm up the hearts of many and create a festive and cheery atmosphere all by themselves. They become a promise of rebirth – of the melting of snow capped ...