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  • Shieldaig

    The name Shieldaig means “Herring Bay”, and it was known to be the best herring location from the time that the Vikings dominated the waters. The village itself was only established in 1800 through grants that were given during the rule of Napoleon. In 1815, Napoleon's reign came to an abrupt end, but the fishing village of Shieldaig kept on thriving. Loch Shieldaig still plays ...

  • Lochcarron

    Up until the road reached Strome in 1813, Lochcarron was known by the name of Janetown, and was little more than a few homes and very few villagers. With the new road connecting villages and improving access to many of the remote communities there was a rise in population numbers and the establishment of a permanent village. Lochcarron is a picturesque destination in Scotland, ...

  • Leadhills

    Leadhills is ranked second to Wanlockhead village as one of the highest villages in Scotland. Leadhills village is approximately 1295 feet or 395 metres high and is located in the Lowther Hills. The town of Leadhills was first founded and developed because of the large quantity of lead situated in this particular area, which was later extensively mined.

  • Ballachulish

    Ballachulish is an unusual town made up of three parts - one of which lies two miles away in the direction of Glencoe. The name Ballachulish is Gaelic for "Village of the Narrows".

  • Leven

    If you’re looking for a charming seaside town to spend some time in the next time you visit Fife, Scotland, Leven is the place to go. Situated on the coast of the Firth of Forth, the town of Leven is an unassuming but cozy little village – the perfect place to go for a lazy holiday by the sea. It gets its name from the nearby River Leven as the town is situated right at the mouth of this ...

  • Newhaven

    Head down to Edinburgh's coast in Scotland and discover the tiny fishing village of Newhaven. You will marvel at this little village steeped in culture, history and beauty. The fisherman's harbor has a lovely white lighthouse which is a wonderful spot to watch the sun setting. Its absolutely stunning.

  • Kincardine

    Kincardine on Forth is a large trading port village that can be found in the region of Fife in Scotland. The locals here call the village just Kincardine and you can find it more specifically on the northern side of the shore of Firth of Forth where the estuary narrows to a river.

  • Innerwick

    The small village of Innerwick is not generally seen as having any special attraction. It is situated roughly 4 miles south east of Dunbar and overlooks the North Sea. The village and surrounding area have been designated as a conservation area and this is really the reason why the village is so small. However, being a conservation area also has its advantages and while people may not flock ...

  • Anstruther

    Anstruther, fondly known by locals as Anster, is the largest settlement in Fife's East Neuk area. This fascinating seaside village is said to have had its beginning back in the Pictish era with solid evidence also dating back to the early Christian church. A lovely picturesque village, Anstruther's busy harbor is watched over by a row of shops and restaurants.

  • Scottish Agricultural Museum

    The Scottish Agricultural Museum has undergone a series of improvements and is now known as the National Museum of Rural LifeWhen you tour rural Scotland you will find many picturesque farms – many of which date back over hundreds, if not thousands, of years. These farms each have a unique story which makes them extra special to the people who live on them. While you may not be able to ...