Timespan in Helmsdale Offers a Unique Adventure

The quaint village of Helmsdale, Scotland, has a fascinating history. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque harbor, it boasts the best salmon fishing rivers and tranquil surroundings. Known for is magnificent and unique attractions and activities, such as the Land League Cairn, the Helmsdale Ice House, fossil collecting, fishing and panning for gold, there is one that stands out, the Timespan in Helmsdale. Here, visitors will find a fusion of history, tales of the present and glimpses into the future.

Timespan was created to exhibit present day links to the heritage of Scotland and Helmsdale, and to bring art, beauty and culture into the lives of the locals and visitors. There are also fascinating activities offered by Timespan, such as the Goldrush Tour. It is along the banks of the Helmsdale River that the gold rush of 1869 had the village bustling with activity. Timespan is very proud of this attraction, as it is the first of its kind in Scotland, using GPS to experience a era almost a hundred and fifty years ago. What makes this tour so amazing is the GPS units are triggered by satellite points on the landscape, bringing narrated audio and visual images to the units, so that visitors can see, hear and walk in the footsteps of the estimated three hundred prospectors who searched for their fortunes here.

The art gallery has a wonderful collection of international and local artists. Exhibitions are kept diverse, with digital images and fine art displays that are changed intermittently to ensure that visitors will be able to view something new every time they come to Timespan. One of the favorite attractions at Timespan is the Storytelling Room. The Storytelling Room is a warm and inviting space, filled with knitted cushions, comfortable seating and historical items that adorn the walls. The purpose of the Storytelling Room is to keep the stories of Helmsdale alive and when a human storyteller is not available, the audio and visual equipment take over the job. Folklores, legends and fascinating documentaries come to life through the films that have been created by locals.

The old coal yard at Timespan has been transformed into a magnificent garden of wonder, complete with landscaped terraces, stonework, ponds and vegetation. The beautiful garden lures many birds and wildlife, allowing visitors to catch a glimpse of them while they relax in the peacefulness of the gardens or alongside the Helmsdale River. It is also home to an extensive herb collection that visitors will find to be as educational, as it is exceptional. The shop and café offer a superb range of gifts and refreshments to complete a rare and unique attraction nestled in one of the most breathtaking destinations in Scotland.