Experience the World of Vikings at Vikingar

On the first of October 1263, a legendary battle took place in Largs that became a significant part of history in Scotland. By the year 1263, the Scottish had fought back valiantly against Viking invasions and had left King Haakon with only Shetland and Orkney, which infuriated the king. In response to losing so much territory, King Haakon gathered his army and quietly approached the shores of Largs on that fateful evening.

Unfortunately for Haakon’s troops, the Scottish forces had anticipated the attack and thrown thistles along the beach. As the Vikings removed their shoes for a stealthy approach, the thistles tore into the soles of their feet, warning the Scottish of their arrival with their painful screams. The Vikings were overrun, and after King Haakon was awarded a truce to bury his dead, the Vikings left the shores of Scotland for the last time.

Just outside Glasgow awaits a thrilling and unique experience at Vikingar. On entering this magnificent attraction, visitors will find themselves in Norway in 825 AD. The smell of the land will fill their nostrils and they will hear the Vikings making their preparations to depart on another ocean adventure. Two massive longboats wait restlessly for their masters in the waters of the fjord, as Vikings stand around by the homestead engaging in small talk. One of the Vikings will introduce himself and take visitors on an exciting day filled with exploration, legends, battles and the daily lives of the Vikings.

The god of the sky, Odin, features throughout Vikingar and the wall carvings of the Viking gods intimidate passersby. A breathtaking Odin hologram will share his fascinating tales, and in the hall of the auditorium, visitors will be met with the dramatic scenes of the Battle of Largs. There is also a movie, which lasts for approximately eighteen minutes, that takes guests on a four hundred year journey through the life of a Viking family, their invasion of Scotland and their fall from power. Replicas and interactive exhibits, such as the touch-screen computers, are both educational and fun for the entire family.

Another popular attraction at Vikingar is the swimming pool, which gives children hours of supervised fun, and there is also a fitness centre for those who want to work off the excitement of the day. Theatre productions and entertainment programs ensure that the thrills don’t stop and the Mini Vikings Soft Play Area gives small children the opportunity to use up any left-over energy.

The spectacular Vikingar plant and tree display is the perfect venue to enjoy refreshments from the café and bar, and the gift shop is filled with unique and affordable souvenirs. Vikingar gives visitors the chance to walk through history and experience five hundred years of Viking battles, losses and victories.