The Black Isle Agricultural Show

If you are planning a trip to Scotland in the month of August and want something interesting to do while you’re there, the Black Isle Show is not a bad place to start. This multi-activity agricultural show has something for everyone and is definitely worth visiting for at least a day.

The Black Isle Show is an annual event that will take place this year on the 1st and 2nd of August 2007. It is going to be held at the Mannsfield Showgrounds and has a reputation for being the largest agricultural show in the northern parts of Scotland. As an agricultural show it includes displays of farm animals, farm trades and a wide variety of trade stands selling a good mixture of goods. The show also has a well thought out entertainment program, which includes dancing, singing and other great entertainment.

There are a large variety of animals on display at the Black Isle Show such as goats, sheep, cattle and horses. If you do not find the livestock displays particularly interesting but have an appreciation for horses, you may want to leave the sheep shearing and spend quite a bit of time watching the Black Isle Horse Show, which starts at 8:30 am on the first day of the event. Horses and ponies also make up part of the events on the second day with the top performers from the first day taking center stage.

If you get hungry or are the curios type, there are over 350 different trade stands to browse through. Here you will not only find food, but a variety of crafts, machinery, household products and clothing for sale. Children can be kept entertained at the funfair which is open on both days and at night there is a marquee dance which all can enjoy.

This year the Scottish rock band known as the “Wolfstone” and other musicians will be performing for part of the evening entertainment. Also be sure to see the flower show which promises to uphold tradition and be truly spectacular.

If you are visiting Scotland this summer be sure to make arrangements to see to the Black Isle Show of 2007 and learn more about Scotland rural life and Scottish hospitality in a fun and entertaining way.