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    Kart Racing

    Come and have loads of fun with the fastest growing form of motor sport in the world. Kart racing is so popular in Scotland that you would not want to miss it. There are karting tracks throughout Scotland even indoor tracks for those bad weather days.

  • Attractions

    South West Maize Maze

    Amongst the most popular attractions in Scotland, the South West Scotland's Maize Maze is known to be an extremely fun and entertaining excursion. If you happen to find yourself in the region of Dumfries during late summer or early fall, make sure that you don’t pass by Carruthers Town and the annual South West Scotland’s Maize Maze. This wonderful seasonal activity is a ...

  • Attractions

    Pitlochry Amusement Park

    If you are traveling with children, you simply cannot afford to miss the Pitlochry Children’s Amusement Park. This excellent park is often rated as the best child-orientated attraction in Perthshire. The Park offers children all kinds of entertainment including fun rides, rollercoasters, carousel and arcade games. It also has an excellent snack bar where the kids can calm their rumbling ...

  • Scottish Theatre

    MacRobert Arts Centre

    Situated within the grounds of the Stirling University, the MacRobert Arts Centre not only screens local art cinema but also regularly hosts a variety of performances and events. It is noted as being Scotland’s premier children’s art venue and is easily accessed from virtually all corners of the country. While the majority of performances are designed to cater to young minds you do not have ...

  • Festivals

    Edinburgh Harp Festival

    If the delicate sounds of the harp soothe your soul, you might be interested in attending the Edinburgh Harp Festival held in summer months in Edinburgh, Scotland. The festival was first held in 1982 and it offers a little something for everyone. It is usually held in the surroundings of the Merchiston Castle School

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    Founded in 1947, the Edinburgh International Festival is an annual festival held in celebration of the arts. From reasonably humble beginnings over fifty years ago, it is now seen as one of the most significant celebrations of the arts in the world.The Fringe is an extremely popular side of the Edinburgh International Festival with over 1.25 million tickets being sold every ...