Blair Drummond Safari Park – Adventure Awaits You!

A safari park in Scotland might sound a little strange, but Blair Drummond Safari Park is an adventure waiting to be explored. The grounds on which the Blair Drummond Safari Park is located once belonged to Sir John Kay. Blair Drummond House was purchased by Sir John Kay in the year 1916. He was a well-known businessman who made his fortune in Glasgow as a tea merchant. At the time of Sir John Kay’s death, he had no sons to leave the estate to, so it was passed down to his nephew, Sir John Muir.

The Blair Drummond Safari Park was officially opened in 1970 and the property remained in the Muir family. Later, the Blair Drummond House was purchased by the Camphill Trust in the year 1977, and the site where the Victorian House once stood is now the Giraffe enclosure.

This wonderful safari park in Scotland has a fine mission statement that remains the foundation of their existence. They strive to allow visitors to experience wild animals in a natural environment; to educate the public on the global issues that threaten the survival of wild animals; and to research ways to decrease the extinction of some species. The park also hopes to gain support in their conservation efforts and to offer the public enjoyable and relaxing recreational facilities.

Closed vehicles are allowed to take a leisurely drive through the different enclosures where visitors will be able to see a great variety of animals. The park currently has Lechwe Antelope, Wallabys, Lions, Lemurs, Elephants, Bison, Penguins, Otters, Zebra, Giraffe, Deer, Camels, Sea Lions, Chimps, Rhinos, Tigers, Meerkat, Bears and Ostriches. The Birds Of Prey Centre has daily shows and houses beautiful raptors including the European Eagle Owl, Peregrine Falcon, Tawny Owls, Griffon Vultures, Harris Hawks and more bird species. The park also has Educational Packs that educate on different subjects such as Animal Senses, Animal Welfare, Wild Life Conservation and Food Chains.

And if observing all the animals and birds has not tired you, there are picnic and barbeque facilities available with a host of activities available. Parents and children can investigate the Pet Farm, have their faces painted, explore the Pirate Ship and Wooden Castle, or enjoy a thrilling adventure on the Flying Fox, Giant Astraglide and Pedal Boats. Refreshments are available from the restaurant and the Watering Hole Bar. A trip to the Blair Drummond Safari Park is an excursion that the entire family can enjoy, and children are educated while have fun.