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  • Attractions

    Five Sisters Zoo Park

    The Five Sister’s Zoo Park had its humble beginnings within the Five Sister’s Garden Centre as a side-line to the main purpose of being a garden centre. Their private collection was made up of a variety of animals and was based on the setting of an amusement centre for children, an original and creative idea with educational benefits in helping to make the young generation more ...

  • Museums

    Highland Folk Museum

    A trip to the Highland Folk Museum is a treat for any family. It is a picturesque place where visitors are encouraged to interact with their environment to the greatest degree possible and older ones are encouraged to look to the past with admiration for those who came before us and who solved their problems with the simplest and most effective methods possible. The museum is situated within ...

  • Nature Reserves

    Loch Leven National Nature Reserve

    The Loch Leven is a loch which is located within the Loch Leven National Nature Reserve. Being as shallow as what it is, and being a freshwater loch, makes this area extremely attractive to swans, ducks and geese. The Loch Leven also has two islands that are situated in its waters and the Loch Leven Castle stands mystically and proudly on one of these islands. These ...

  • Nature Reserves

    St Abb's Reserve

    If you are looking for a great place to spend some time getting better acquainted with Scotland’s on and offshore animal life, the St Abb’s Reserve is a great place to go. Better known as the St. Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve, this protected area is protected by the goodwill of those people who choose to use the area rather than by a specific group of paid professionals. These ...