Fantastic Fife

Fife is one of the historical regions of Scotland and was originally a Pictish Kingdom. It is still called the Kingdom of Fife and is situated between the Firth of Tay and the Firth of Forth. Originally Fife had three main districts - Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy and North-East Fife. The functions that were performed by these districts are now performed by the Fife counsel.

Nowadays, there are many towns and villages worth a visit in the Fife region. The burgh of Burntisland, for example, has Rossend Castle which was built in the fifteenth century. If you visit at the right time of the year, you may be privileged to watch the highland games in Ceres. These games are amongst the oldest in Scotland. Crail has the fourth oldest golf course in the world and was the first to make the change from square golf holes to circular ones. Cupar is the capital of Fife and also has its own items of historical interest. Kinghorn is now mostly a seaside resort but it is also the place where Alexander the Glorious (King Alexander III), one of Scotlands greatest kings, was laid to rest.

At Kinglassie, you will find the Dogton stone. It is believed that this stone commemorates a major battle between the Picts and the Scots. St Andrews is a notable town in the area. It has a lot of aged charm and is maybe best known for its university. However you will also find a cathedral, St Andrews Castle and St Rules Tower which are well worth a visit.

The Scottish region of Fife is perhaps best known for its mention in Shakespeare's play "Macbeth" wherein Macduff was the thane of Fife. In Newburgh you will find the remains of Macduff's Cross and learn of its history. There is truly a lot worth visiting in Fife.


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