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  • Foreign Embassies

    Canadian Consulate

    Located in Macdonald House, Grosvenor Square, London, the High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom deals with applications and enquiries related to traveling or immigrating to Canada. It also deals with applications to study or work in Canada, and provides information on doing business with this North American federal state. The Honorary Consul of Canada based in Edinburgh provides ...

  • Foreign Embassies

    German Consulate

    The main offices of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany for the United Kingdom is located in London.The Consular District of the German Consulate consists of not only Scotland, but also destinations in North-England. This includes Cleveland, Redcar, Darlington, Hartlepool, Cumbria, Middlesbrough, Durham, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Stockton on Tees, Hambelton, Richmondshire and ...

  • Foreign Embassies

    French Consulate

    The French Consulate General in Edinburgh assists with all French citizens living in Scotland. France has another Consulate General in London for citizens living in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The two Consulates General represent France in the United Kingdom, providing essential services to French citizens living out of the country or on holiday.

  • Foreign Embassies

    U.S Consulate General

    Services provided by the U.S.Consulate General Edinburgh include non-emergency and emergency passport, citizenship and consular services for residents of Scotland.American Citizens needing Visa information should contact the American Embassy situated in London. The U.S Consulate situated in Edinburgh does not handle or process immigrant or non-immigrant visas, telephone or e-mail ...

  • Foreign Embassies

    Australian Consulate

    Please Note: The Australian Consulate in Edinburgh closed in April 2014

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    Foreign Embassies

    Anyone who travels to a foreign country will be familiar with just how important foreign embassies are. Not only do they provide the necessary channel for legal immigrations or long-term stays in the country for whatever reason, but they can provide legal assistance, directions and various other forms of assistance. The most common form of assistance is that of re-issuing stolen or lost ...

  • Activities


    The breathtaking rural scenery, clean air and wide open spaces are what make Scotland ideal for cycling. Over the years cycling vacations have grown in popularity, with vast numbers of visitors to the country making a point of spending at least a few hours exploring the landscape on a bicycle.

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    Scotland's climate is generally cool and wet. It is influenced by the North Atlantic Drift, a warm sea current from the Caribbean, which keeps Scotland's coast ice free in winter. The climate is oceanic, with no extreme variations or exceptional events like tornadoes, droughts or widespread floods, but the day to day weather can vary enormously and unpredictably, and is a ...

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    Breaks Holidays

    Scotland might not be the first place that comes to mind when deciding on a location for a romantic break. However, many who have tried it have discovered a most unforgettable and romantic country just waiting to share its splendor with doting couples.There is a lot to do in Scotland. You might take in some of the natural beauty by strolling along the edge of a loch, or walking ...

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    Whether you are planning a small intimate wedding or a large, formal occasion, Scotland has a lot to offer. The magical mountains and moors of Scotland provide the ultimate backdrop to the perfect wedding and what's more, you can have your honeymoon here too! Many famous people have chosen to have their weddings here - obviously aware of what a perfect romantic setting Scotland really ...