Tag: arts

  • Eden Court Theatre

    Eden Court Theatre is an all-purpose theatre and the only arts cinema that provides entertainment for the whole Highlands region, which is in the North of Scotland. So with this in mind it is no wonder that there has been a 40% increase in audience attendance over last few years and over a 160,000 tickets sold in one year.

  • Gateway Theatre

    The Gateway Theatre can be found on Elm Row, Leith Walk in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is one of the leading theatre houses that encourages international recognition for local shows and actors. Gateway is also the venue where all the Acting and Production students from the Queen Margaret University College practice and perform.

  • Dundee Rep Theatre

    Standing proudly in Dundee's cultural hub is the fine Dundee Rep Theatre or The Rep, as it is commonly called. This is a remarkable organization devoted to the arts. Audiences visiting the Rep Theatre can enjoy stunning musical, theatre, dance and comedy performances all through the year. Visitors to the city of Dundee should definitely book a ticket at the Dundee Rep Theatre for at least ...

  • Museums

    Amongst the top attractions in any city around the world are its museums. Why is this so? The majority of mankind is inquisitive and what better place to satisfy the thirst for knowledge than by visiting a museum. Museums provide invaluable insight into the past, providing people with a wealth of facts in a few hours. Essentially, a museum is an institution devoted to the collection, ...

  • Edinburgh International Festival

    Founded in 1947, the Edinburgh International Festival is an annual festival held in celebration of the arts. From somewhat humble beginnings over fifty years ago, it is now seen as one of the most significant celebrations of the arts in the world.Though the Edinburgh International Festival has evolved and grown significantly over the years, the original goals have ...