Tomb of the Eagles

Like so many ancient archeological sites, the Tomb of the Eagles was discovered accidently by Ronnie Simison in the year 1958. The site is located at Isbister Chambered Cairn, South Ronaldsay, and thousands of visitors travel to Orkney each year to experience the magnificence of this rare and historical attraction. Excavation of the chambers only began in 1976, and since then the Simison family has opened their land to the public to share in the beauty and fascination of the Tomb of the Eagles.

During the excavation process, many artifacts have been uncovered that are still in immaculate condition and can be viewed in the Visitor Centre. Items such as an albertite button, mace head and axe heads are all on display. The site derived its unusual name from the fact that White-tailed Sea Eagle talons and remains where located within the chamber, together with the human remains of approximately 340 people. Walking in the footsteps of a civilization that dates back 5000 years is a remarkable experience. It is estimated that the Tomb of the Eagles was constructed in 3000BC, according to tests done on the artifacts. The archeological site consists of the Tomb of the Eagles and the Bronze Age Site, with the tomb being the popular attraction. The chambers inside the tomb stand at a height of just over three meters, but it is the entrance to the tomb, which measures twenty-eight inches in height and thirty-three inches in width, that is the most fascinating part of the adventure.

The Visitor Centre offers restroom facilities and interactive displays that welcome members of the entire family. Children and babies are also accommodated here, and as long as your dog is on a leash it is welcome to join the family on a picturesque walk. The guided walk allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of the wildlife and flowers of the site and takes about an hour to complete. The walk also includes both archeological sites. There is a cozy shop on the premises that offers tired visitors hot and cold refreshments, as well as locally produced crafts. Visiting the Tomb of the Eagles is as educational as it is fascinating and exciting.