Appealing Tranquillity of Arduaine Garden

During winter, the region of Argyll and surrounding areas usually display landscapes that are rocky, blanketed in grass or coastal. Locations such as the Arduaine Garden bring a change of scenery and colour to the terrain. This is an attraction that is as historical as it is beautiful. It is a located near the Loch Melfort Hotel and offers visitors a chance to escape to an destination that is tranquil and breathtaking with a remarkable collection of plants and sprawling manicured lawns.

There are many tales regarding the reasons why James Arthur Campbell came to the peninsula, but most believe that he and his wife first laid eyes on the site while sailing past. He bought three pieces of land, which became known as Arduaine. Their vision was to create a magnificent garden and a house on the land, but the garden ended up outliving the house that was built, demolished and then only rebuilt half way. Work on the garden began in the year 1898, and Campbell became dedicated to developing and maintaining the garden until he passed away in 1929. Up until 1971 the Arduaine Garden stayed in the Campbell family, but was eventually sold to Edmund and Harry Wright. Both the new owners continued the dreams of Campbell, taking care of the garden and extending its boundary. Most of the landscaping seen around the ponds is due to their labour. In 1992, the Arduaine Garden was handed over to the National Trust for Scotland, as the Wrights wanted the garden to remain a place of peace and beauty. Even though it is now an attraction for visitors, their wishes have been respected and the garden still offers visitors the opportunity to relax and enjoy the tranquillity surrounding them.

The Arduaine Garden covers an area of twenty acres and there are pathways that lead visitors to beautiful locations such as the Heron Pond, and other picturesque spots within the park. The garden is famous for its wonderful rhododendron collection, but also as having endless displays of Chatham Island forget-me-nots, azaleas, giant Himalayan lilies, as well as magnolias and blue Tibetan poppies. The water garden is a popular site, as well as the coastal viewpoint and woodland area. The viewpoint gives visitors a breathtaking panoramic view of the garden and the coastline. Other favourites in the garden include climbers, ferns and perennials. Arduaine Garden was created out of love for nature, which is still visible in this historical location.