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  • Montrose Basin Wildlife Centre

    The Montrose Basin Wildlife Centre is located in a popular Scottish Nature Reserve. Construction to the center started in 1993, with its official opening taking place in 1995. The Montrose Basin was already declared a Local Nature Reserve by the year 1981, but the need for an educational and informative center only came to light many years later. The Montrose Basin is extremely ...

  • Natural Features

    Moors and MountainsThe moors and mountains of Scotland are delightfully beautiful and scenic. They views they have to offer change throughout the year and it is really the season that dictates just how much you'll appreciate them. Most of them are wild areas which, when walked or ridden, offer animal sightings and much natural bush and grass. More...

  • Natural Wonders

    There are many natural wonders worth seeing in Scotland. Some of them have legends and traditions attached to them, while others are appreciated for their aesthetic value. Below is a brief description of some of the more popular natural wonders of Scotland.