M&D’s Scotland’s Theme Park

The Strathclyde Loch was constructed in 1965 and is an artificial lake that is located in the Strathclyde Country Park, in Lanarkshire. It is known as one of the most popular parks in Scotland and offers visitors a variety of attractions such as camping sites, music festivals, watersports and the M&D’s Scotland’s Theme Park. The theme park is a very popular attraction for families, as it has a host of activities and rides for all to enjoy. Set within this picturesque park, Scotland’s Theme Park is a wonderful way to spend a day filled with fun and excitement.

Children will be able to enjoy the thrill of more than forty rides, including the Big Apple and the Flying Jumbos. The Big Apple winds its way along three hundred meters of track, including a few twists and drops; while fourteen baby elephants allow riders to adjust the height of their ride through controls inside the elephants. There are also five rollercoasters for adults to enjoy, and the Big Wheel has twenty-four gondolas that reach a height of 35 meters. Golfing fanatics are invited to test their skills on the Devil’s Island, where prizes are up for grabs on the eighteen hole golf course.

An interactive paradise waits at Amazonia, where visitors will be able to view a number of exotic creatures in the surroundings of a tropical forest that is hosted indoors. Animals and birds such as Toucans, Koi Carp, Tarantulas, Geckos, Monkeys, Parrots, Fruit Bats and Poison Dart Frogs, to name a few, can all be viewed in this breathtaking attraction. There is also an Amazonia Club for children to join, as well as handling sessions of some of the animals, a gift shop and group tours. Scotland’s Theme Park is home to a four star hotel, the Alona Hotel, that offers luxury accommodation to visitors, and the indoor family complex provides its own unique and fascinating activities. For the hungry, or those just seeking a break from the excitement of the park, Scotland’s Theme Park has numerous themed restaurants and shops to enjoy, such as the Inside Out Bar, Krazy Congo, Diamond Lil’s, Tan Factory and the Cosmic Bowl. M&D’s Scotland’s Theme Park is a recommended attraction for local and foreign visitors to enjoy.