Situated on the banks of the tranquil Loch Lomond in Scotland, the village of Luss has an old-world air about it. Many of the cottages in Luss were originally built to accommodate cotton mill and slate quarry workers during the 18th and 19th centuries. These cottages have been beautifully restored and the village has been designated a “Conservation Village” to preserve its unique historical aspects.

Early records reflect that the village was previously known as Clachan Dubh – the dark village. This name came about because the nearby mountain robs the village of two hours of sunlight in the evenings, especially in winter. It is not clear how long ago a village was established at Luss, but evidence indicates that it is more than a thousand years. It is believed that Haekon of Norway passed through Luss in 1263 when he and his Vikings sailed up Loch Long and proceeded to drag their longboat over dry land from Arrochar to Tarbet in order to launch it in Loch Lomond. The Vikings then went on to plunder the entire area. A hog-backed Viking gravestone is found near Luss bearing testimony to past Viking presence.

The Luss parish church, which was built in 1875 on the ground where a previous church had stood, is one of the most picturesque in the area with its beauty enhanced by the surroundings. The church has skillfully crafted stained glass windows and rafters made out of Scots pine. It is no wonder that this is a popular wedding venue, with people traveling from far away places to pledge their vows at this church.

Visitors can enjoy a number of walking areas through the Luss hills which give stunning views across Loch Lomond to some of its 38 islands. The pier at Luss is also an excellent place to view the loch and its surroundings and visitors will soon understand why this is one of the world’s most famous lochs which has been the inspiration for many songs and poems. To the north, the majestic highland mountain Ben Lomond dominates the skyline, and to the south, Conic Hill with its conifer plantations can be seen.

Tourists that travel to Scotland should put the lovely Loch Lomond on their itinerary and be sure to explore the quaint village of Luss and its beautiful surroundings.