Loch Lomond Aquarium

Located on the Highland Boundary Fault, Loch Lomond is a picturesque freshwater loch that contains small islands. It is a destination that is frequented by locals, who come to enjoy the tranquility of the loch and the numerous nearby attractions. The community of Loch Lomond is friendly and warm, and visitors are invited to explore their noteworthy sites, such as the Loch Lomond Aquarium. Not only does the aquarium provide visitors with an array of exhibits and wonderful animals to view but it is dedicated to conservation and education regarding the necessity to protect the environment.

Marine animals and creatures are the main focus of the Loch Lomond Aquarium, including a variety of species from across the world. Educated staff members are always available to answer questions or assist tour groups, making a visit to the Loch Lomond Aquarium fascinating and rewarding. There are stipulated feeding times at the aquarium each day, allowing visitors a close look at the creatures that sometimes tend to shy away from attention, such as the in the Bay of Rays exhibit, where these colorful creatures never cease to captivate visitors. In the rock pools, visitors will find a variety of anemones, crabs and even starfish in the touch pool encounter exhibit, while the three resident Asian short clawed otters, Mona, Shona and Rhona entertain visitors with their spectacular personalities and playful antics. Cammy, the aquarium’s giant green sea turtle is always a favorite attraction. And for those who enjoy the world of sharks, the aquarium has a collection of nurse sharks, leopard sharks and blacktip reef sharks.

Meandering through the ocean tunnel not only allows visitors the opportunity to marvel at the sea creatures of the Loch Lomond Aquarium, but allows them to learn more about each creature, how vital their fragile ecosystem is to their existence and how to help in protecting marine life. Delicate creatures, such as the seahorses at the aquarium are especially fragile, and visitors will walk away from the aquarium with a greater sense of appreciation and understanding of the ocean and the breathtaking secrets it holds.