Exhilarating Highland Wildcat Trails

The Highland Wildcat Trails operation runs from northern Scotland. They have adopted the emblem of the Sutherland clan, as it encompasses their motto and all they stand for. The design that is on the emblem is said to have been inspired by a ferocious tribe, known as The Catti, who were able to share their existence with dangerous mountain cats that rid their surroundings of rodents. In Gaelic their motto was Gun Eagal, which translates to “Without Fear”, and it is with this motto in mind that Highland Wildcat has designed their mountain biking trails, ensuring that everyone who participates enjoys an unforgettable adventure.

Established in 2005, Highland Wildcat invested a great deal of money to develop their trails that now extend over a distance of eighteen kilometres. Visitors will find the start of the trails at a quaint village that provides a variety of services, such as accommodation, stores and curio shops, as well as restaurants. The most popular attraction at Highland Wildcat is the Dunrobin Castle, which served as the Clan Sutherland seat of rule. The castle offers breathtaking walks into the woodlands and through the gardens. Along the coast visitors will find one of the cleanest beaches in Scotland.

The efforts made by Highland Wildcat to provide spectacular mountain biking trails were rewarded with them being voted as MBR Magazine’s Best Destination in the UK. The village and the surrounding area is rich in history, monuments, attractions and noteworthy sites for visitors to explore, and the trails have been exclusively tailored for all experience and fitness levels. Easy trails are marked with a green circle to indicate a level 1 difficulty for novices or families enjoying a day excursion. The trails might be a little muddy at times, but are easy to navigate along towpaths, vehicle tracks and railtrails. Moderate trails have a blue square to indicate that there might be steep sections and some off road skills will be needed.

A red triangle will let mountain bikers know that the trail is difficult and only for those with a high level of fitness and moderate mountain biking skills, as the trail will be steep, run across stones, drop-offs and water crossings. Trails with a black diamond are exclusively for mountain bikers with experience, technical skill, high levels of fitness and stamina. These trails include causeways, drop-offs, obstacles, rocky terrain and big steps. All mountain bikers are reminded to rest when feeling tired and not to take on terrain they are unsure of, while enjoying the spectacular beauty of the landscapes no matter which trail they are on. Highland Wildcat Trails offer a thrilling outdoor experience for mountain biking enthusiasts.