Exclusive Dining at Edinburgh Festival

The Edinburgh Festival is an annual event that is keenly anticipated by thousands of festival goers, and each year the festival grows in popularity, with greater numbers attending. Bringing the city to life during this time is a challenging undertaking, but this year organizers have an ace up their sleeves that is guaranteed to be the most extraordinary attraction of the festival. Combining great food, breathtaking views and an unforgettable experience, the Edinburgh Festival will present the Festival in the Sky for the first time in Scotland.

The Festival in the Sky has visited over thirty countries, including destinations such as Australia, Italy, France and Dubai, since its establishment, and has proven to be a huge success. It offers festival goers a rare opportunity to enjoy a tasty meal while taking in views of Edinburgh as they have never seen it before and probably never will again. This unique experience hoists guests to a hundred meters into the sky and rotates slowly, allowing diners a 180 degree view of the city. Below them the festival will be in full swing, and the Festival in the Sky can host twenty-two guests at one sitting. Strapped into their seats, diners can either enjoy an early morning breakfast, afternoon tea sessions or book for lunch or supper, while gazing down at the River Forth, West Princess Street Gardens and the spectacular Edinburgh Castle. Each session will last half an hour and for diners who are a little less adventurous, they can select from the extravagant snacks and refreshments at the Sky Garden.

Due to the Festival in the Sky being available throughout the month of August, the venue will be available for function bookings for weddings, parties, and corporate events. Groups of family and friends will also be able to share in this memorable festival attraction. The Festival in the Sky is hosted by Dada Ventures, and managing director of the company’s organizers, Oli Norman, is confident that this dining adventure will be one of the headliner attractions of the annual Edinburgh Festival. This magnificent feature will be an unforgettable experience for all who attend and brings new meaning to having a bird’s eye view of the city.