Scottish Rugby: A Game of Pride and National Honor

After that day in 1823 when William Webb Ellis, while attending the Rugby School in England, decided to carry the football instead of kicking it, as was the rule, the game of rugby has cemented its place firmly in the lore of sports. There are many who dispute this claim, but one claim that cannot be argued is Scotland’s crowning achievement as the first ever international club winners. They beat England that day by one goal and a try.

As Rugby gained popularity in countries such as England, Scotland, France, Wales, and Ireland, so did the rivalries. Starting 1883, four of these teams participated in the inaugural Home International Championship. The teams that gathered were Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland. England won the first two of these championships that would later become the Five Nations Championship when France entered the fray.

The crowning achievement of this competition outside of the cup itself is the Triple Crown. If any of the original four teams beat each of the other three during the Nations cup, they are deemed the Triple Crown Winner. The first ever Triple Crown went to Scotland in 1890. Since this is such a hard feat to accomplish, a triple crown is not always awarded, but over the years, Scotland has won it 10 times. In 1983, they broke a draught of close to fifty years to reclaim the crown once again.

Today the Nations cup has expanded to six with the edition of Italy. However, one championship that all Scottish Rugby fans look forward to is the National Cup. This competition determines the best players and teams in Scotland. Club teams battle it out with teams from the National leagues. The event starts this October with over 70 teams vying for national honor.

For those who would like to witness a sport that is played with true sportsman’s pride then you will want to book your flight and hotel early. This event will definitely sell out. There are many fine places to stay in Scotland and the links on this page will help you find the proper accommodations.

So grab yourself a draft, some warm clothes and cheer for your favorite team as the best players from Scotland meet on the rugby pitch for a truly amazing sport of gentlemen to determine the best in Scotland.