Discover Lovely Loch Awe

The village of Lochawe was named after one of the three biggest freshwater lochs in the country, namely Loch Awe, on the banks of which it was built. The loch is often referred to as the “Jewel of Argyll”, and the countryside that surrounds Loch Awe and the village is nothing short of breathtaking. The entire region that forms part of Loch Awe runs from the Rannoch Moor to the North Argyll Glens. It is the magnificence of the loch and the beauty of the landscapes that attracts visitors to this quiet part of Scotland.

The loch itself covers an area of approximately fourteen square miles, and is forty-one kilometers in length, with a one kilometer average width. Its water runs towards the Atlantic Ocean through the River Awe. Two successful hydroelectric projects are run from Loch Awe, and as far as tourism goes, the loch has much to offer. Over and above its beauty, the loch is known to home to massive trout, as well as salmon that travel through its waters. Fishing enthusiasts will therefore be able to enjoy an unforgettable fishing vacation in a peaceful and lovely setting. Throughout the loch, located on small scattered islands, are the ruins of what was once grand castles, and Kilchurn Castle is the most popular and most photographed attraction in the area. Visitor will be able to visit the castle via a boat or travel over the River Orchy Bridge and take a half a mile leisurely stroll from a small parking area to the Kilchurn Castle.

Other outdoor activities around Loch Awe include cycling, hiking through the surrounding hills and climbing adventures. The history of the loch and the village is also extremely intriguing, with it being known that outlaw clans, such as the MacGregors, McIntyres and the McNabs, used roam this region as roving bands and as the loch was one of the major traveling routes, travelers would be forced to pay toll fees to the clansmen for safe passage. Loch Awe’s inhabitants have been able to retain their simple way of life, relying on farming and crofting as main sources of income. With more visitors coming to Loch Awe to enjoy its tranquility and quaint village, tourism has become an additional income for the residents. Traveling to Loch Awe is bound to be an unforgettable experience, as its natural wonders and tranquility will mesmerize visitors.