Cowalfest – Celebrating the Beauty of Nature

If you are planning a trip to the western Highlands soon, you might want to think about visiting during the month of October. It is during this month every year in the Cowal Peninsula that the annual Cowalfest takes place. The festival has been labeled as ‘Scotland’s largest walking festival’ and is definitely somthing to enjoy as a participant.

Over the years the Cowalfest has proven to be so popular that a massive supporting program has sprung up around the walking activities. The original walking festival has grown to the point where it now includes ten days of fantastic activities – including arts, cultural activities, and social events. You will find that there is something for everyone, with film, music and drama being included in the program alongside more physical activities like walking and cycling. All aspects of the program are designed to celebrate the fantastic and breathtaking landscape that is found at the Cowal Peninsula. It is also a celebration of how the beauty of nature so strongly influences creativity and the arts. The celebration also reflects a sense of character and charm which is typified by the location and surrounding woodland.

If you take the time to join festival goers on the great walk, you will discover that the surrounding peninsula is absolutely breathtaking. Wooded mountains frame deep blue lochs and fluffy-looking fields of wild grass look good enough to sleep on. Then there are also the magical places which are tucked away as if their secrets are too good to share with those who will not put forth the effort to find them. Delightful hidden glens and tumbling waterfalls make for most memorable parts of the walk. The Cowal Peninsula truly is an inspiring place to go – whether you visit during autumn or any other time of the year.

This year’s Cowalfest will take place between the 5th and the 14th of October 2007. The Cowal Peninsula is easily accessed by car, train, plane and even ferry so there is really no excuse to miss out on this great annual festival. So book your ticket now to enjoy the walking, cycling, wildlife, arts, film, music and drama of the annual Cowalfest festival!