Adventures Await at Landmark Forest Theme Park

Approximately twenty-three miles from Inverness in Scotland, is a thirty-acre world of wonder, nature and activity that offers a fun and relaxing outing for the whole family. Even adults are able to forget their age here and enjoy the many adventures that wait behind the gates of the Landmark Forest Theme Park. This is a theme park that has become so popular in Scotland that at times it has needed to close an activity just to get the rows of people to decrease!

With each activity and adventure children are able to learn in a fun environment, and parents are right there to share the experience. Most visitors head straight for the Watercoaster. The Falcon is quite a nerve wrecking experience as it simulates a forty-foot freefall over the edge of a waterfall. Both the Wildcat and the Otter are water rides that supply visitors with hours of thrills. Adventure Land is a part of the theme park that tests the climbing abilities of those who dare enter the tunnels, slides, nets and ladders of the Spiral Tower. For more intense climbing and bouncing, The Nest is another challenging activity. If direction is not your strong suit, then the Wild Forest Maze might keep you in its possession for a few hours. The Mini Cars and the radio controlled trucks can usually not be passed by, and sons and fathers can really live the fun. Skydiving, rock climbing at the Pinnacle, and Ropework are adventurous activities that are mostly attempted by the older children and adults.

The Red Squirrel Trail offers visitors the rare opportunity to walk through the woodlands of Scots Pines that have grown here for more than ten thousand years. The Tree Top Trail is a breathtaking bird’s eye-view of the woodlands, and the Wild Life Feeding Area attracts many Red Squirrels and a great variety of bird species. Microworld is an exciting interactive exhibit where visitors can view strange and fascinating creatures and micro-worlds through lenses and microscopes. The Timber Trail is an exceptionally educational activity. Here visitors will learn about the men and horses that transformed the Highland Timber industry and the secrets behind saw mills. As the industry started to grow and modernize, so did the machinery. The Fire Tower challenges anyone to climb the 105 steps to the top, and the steam powered saw mill gives wonderful insight into the daily practices and routines of the job. Lex, the massive Clydesdale horse of the Landmark Forest Theme Park, will show visitors how easy it is for him to haul logs and always appreciates the kisses and attention that is showered on him. In the activities area of the Timber Trail everyone is welcome to try their hand at sawing logs.

The hungry adventurers can find good food and refreshments at the restaurant, and the play-park will keep the youngsters busy while their parents enjoy their meal and rest from the activities. The shop has many fascinating items and interesting souvenirs to take home. The Landmark Forest Theme Park in Scotland is more than an adventure; it is a fun way of learning with entertainment that never ends.