Trossachs Celebrates 200 Years of Tourism in 2010

It was during a family holiday almost 200 years ago that Sir Walter Scott was inspired to write the legendary poem entitled ‘The Lady of the Lake’. Unbeknown to him at the time, the poem would become a global hit by the end of that same year, spawning a massive tourism industry and sparking an undying love for the natural beauty of the Trossachs.

It is unlikely that the Trossachs National Park would be what it is today without the incidental advertising created through Sir Walter Scott’s poem. According to Park convener Mike Cantlay, Scott was inspired to write the poem during a family holiday to Loch Katrine in 1810. Before the year was out, more than 25 000 copies of the poem had been published and sold across the globe. The romantic concept spouted in the poem gave birth to Romantic tourism since it caused people to travel to Loch Katrine and other parts of the Trossachs in order to experience the combination of natural beauty and tranquility for themselves. Simply said, Scott’s poem basically helped to make the Trossachs into one of the world’s first tourist resorts.

Now, almost 200 years later, the Trossachs National Park gets ready to celebrate an incredible milestone: 200 years of tourism in the Trossachs. The park authority is investing the princely sum of £125,000 in the celebrations set to take place next year while a number of organizations are moving ahead with preparations to make it an event to remember. One of the activities planned for Trossachs 2010 is an art and literary trail along the shores of Loch Katrine which will provide visitors with a richer cultural experience.

The idea of the event is to celebrate, not only tourism and conservation, but the poem which first started it all. Trossachs 2010 will see the cultural heritage of the area explored and promoted. Interpretations of the original literary and romantic notions will be contemporary and interesting, making it an enjoyable event for all involved. The initiative will also hopefully boost tourism to the area for many years to come. Make sure you don’t miss it!