Neil “Wee Man” Bratchpiece to host 2011 Awards

DAZE Management Limited announced on Monday, 4 October 2010, that the 2011 Scottish Music Awards will be hosted by internet sensation, Neil “The Wee Man” Bratchpiece.

The Wee Man gained worldwide notoriety when he uploaded a video of himself to the website YouTube. The video was of his song, Here You (That’ll Be Right), and has so far chalked up almost 3 million hits.

“It was three years ago that we originally put that up on YouTube,” says Neil, “I think most folk believed it was real. That shows how well it was filmed – the chib on my face was just make-up. But I had actually quit doing The Wee Man by then after I got absolutely slated by a critic!”

Some love The Wee Man, others hate him, claiming he promotes everything that is wrong about Scotland. He says: “Yeah, there’s a lot of pretty abusive comments on YouTube. There’s been a bit of racism with anti-Scottish chat, then Scots hitting back with anti-English insults.”

Love him or hate him, Neil’s show consists of some great stand up work and when he’s not busy maintaining his hectic schedule of huffing meths and screaming into school playgrounds like some sort of feral animal, he can be found up and down the country entertaining and menacing audiences in roughly equal measure.

“We’re honoured to have Neil agree to host the show, yes, of course he is a little close to the bone, and may even offend some people, but this is a music award show, not some black tie event”, says SMA director, Bruce Hotchkies, “at the end of the day, he is a funny guy and is going to be a great addition to the show.”

Press Release Submitted by Ellie Davis of the Scottish Music Awards