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Castle McKenzie, Murphy, NC Vacation Rental by the day, week, or lifetime... Castle For Sale or Rent [06:06]
Romantic Castle McKenzie Scottish design vacation rental in Murphy, NC for weekend mountain getaways, special occasions, weeks, or longer. Private, romantic ...

Dan Pena May 2012 QLA Castle Seminar - Day 1 [12:51]
The first day of May 2012 QLA Castle Seminar at Guthrie Castle in Scotland conducted by Dan Pena, one of America's successful business mentor.

Drumlanrig Castle, Scotland [00:54]
Dates from late 17th century.

February Morning Drive To Elcho Castle Rhynd Perthshire Scotland [02:27]
Tour Scotland February morning video of part of the drive to visit Elcho Castle in Perthshire. A Z-plan Scottish tower house, with fragments of a surrounding wall with corner towers. The Castle was built on the site of an older structure about 1560, and is one of the best surviving examples of its date in Scotland. The property is still owned by the family of the original builders, the Wemyss family, the style of the heir to the Earl of Wemyss is Lord Elcho, though it has not been inhabited for some 200 years.

March View Loch Leven Kinross Perthshire Scotland [01:58]
Tour Scotland March video of Loch Leven on visit to Kinross, Perthshire. Roughly triangular, in shap this Scottish loch is about miles long at its longest. The town of Kinross lies at its western end. Loch Leven Castle lies on an island a short way offshore. This was a royal castle from 1257, and was stormed by William Wallace after being captured by the English. The English besieged the castle in 1301, but it was relieved before it could captured. It was visited by Robert the Bruce. The castle was held against Edward Balliol and the English in 1335. By the end of the 14th century, it had passed to the Douglases of Lochleven. Lochleven passed to the Bruces, then the Grahams, and the Montgomerys. Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned in the castle and forced to abdicate as queen, before escaping with the help of her jailer's family.

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