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  • East Linton

    The River Tyne has long enabled a succession of mills to operate through a supply of water-generated power. The most prominent of these mills is the Preston Mill that is located just north east of the village of East Linton. The history of the town and the mill have long been intertwined. Today the town serves as the perfect place to stay when making a visit to this ancient mill. The Preston ...

  • Dunbar

    Dunbar in Scotland lies on the southeast coast just 30 miles east of Edinburgh. The Gaelic pronunciation of the name is ‘Dun Barra’ and the town has a long and interesting history. In fact, it is presumed that the area was home to a fairly large settlement before our common era. The settlement was known as the Kingdom of Northumbria. Whether that is entirely true or not, what is known is ...

  • Cramond

    As you stand gazing at this quaint village on the River Almond on the eastern side entering the Firth of Forth, you will notice the natural harbor as well as the older houses that lie along the wharf. You may wonder about its past and how it came to be as it is seen and known today: as the principle suburb of Edinburgh, Scotland. It is a wonder to find out that the little village of Cramond ...

  • Newhaven

    Head down to Edinburgh's coast in Scotland and discover the tiny fishing village of Newhaven. You will marvel at this little village steeped in culture, history and beauty. The fisherman's harbor has a lovely white lighthouse which is a wonderful spot to watch the sun setting. Its absolutely stunning.

  • Whitburn

    Whitburn is a quaint town located in West Lothian. Home to some 12,000 people, it has retained its historical feel and is an intriguing destination to visit. Standing proudly along the Almond River, Whitburn of Scotland offers numerous sights and activities to visitors who are spending some time in the town.

  • Stenton

    Stenton, which means Stone town, is a beautiful village found in the East Lothian district, in Scotland. Stenton is not far from towns like Dunbar and East Linton, which are just a couple of kilometers away. This picturesque village has all the basic facilities like shops, post office and a primary school used by the residents here, including a bowling green.

  • Pencaitland

    If you head over to East Lothian in Scotland you will find a small village situated there called Pencaitland. The village is divided into two parts, the Wester Pencaitland and the Easter Pencaitland, by the River Tyne. A single stone bridge dating all the way back to the 16th Century joins the two halves of Pencaitland, providing the locals and visitors easy access to either side of the river.

  • Leith

    Over time Leith has undergone various transformations. This town has changed from municipal burgh to independent harbor town, to harbor and port of the ever-expanding city of Edinburgh. The character of the town has also altered since in its early history it was no doubt home to rich and wealthy merchants and well-to-do sailors as well as the more rough-necked crew members. By 1993 when ...

  • Blackburn

    The name ‘Blachebrine’ was first recorded in 1152. It was at this early point in history that this little town started to make an important contribution to the Industrialization of central Scotland. The name ‘Blachebrine’ is Old English and it has since been modernized to ‘Blackburn’. When one looks at the etymology of the name, you’ll see that the word ‘Blcec’ means ‘black burn’ or ‘burnt ...

  • Innerwick

    The small village of Innerwick is not generally seen as having any special attraction. It is situated roughly 4 miles south east of Dunbar and overlooks the North Sea. The village and surrounding area have been designated as a conservation area and this is really the reason why the village is so small. However, being a conservation area also has its advantages and while people may not flock ...