Tag: bird watching

  • Tingwall

    If you are looking for a great weekend getaway spot where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and simply enjoy nature, Tingwall might be exactly what you need. This beautiful natural area is filled with birds, flowers, lochs and historical sights, so you will certainly have no shortage of relaxing activities to enjoy.

  • Carinish

    Picture lush green grass and stunning views of unimaginable beauty. Carinish boasts a countryside that is truly breath-taking. Scotland's Carinish is the place to visit for spectacular views. The eastern side of the island is known for its freshwater lakes as well as the most amazing color blends of greens and blues. On the western side of the island are also many stunning lakes, so be sure ...

  • Tain

    If you are looking for a beautiful and safe place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Scotland’s bigger cities, Tain is probably not a bad choice. As Scotland’s oldest Royal Burgh it is steeped in history, but it also has stunning views, a low crime rate and dramatic beaches. Simply put, Tain is a beautiful small town with something for everyone and it is just waiting to be discovered.

  • Campbeltown

    Campbeltown is one of the largest towns located in Argyll, Scotland. Campbeltown is situated beside a loch and is protected by hills surrounding it. Near the town, about ten miles away, lies Keil, which is where St Columba was said to have landed in AD563 on his way to Iona.

  • Bowmore

    The Island of Islay, which is also known as “The Queen of the Hebrides”, lies off the coast of Scotland and falls within the Argyll region. It forms part of the Inner Hebrides and is the southernmost island in this cluster of islands. Bowmore, although small, is the capital of the Island of Islay. On a clear day visitors can see the beautiful Irish coast, which lies just twenty-five miles ...

  • Glen Isla

    Wouldn't you love to explore one of the most amazing destinations in Scotland? Glen Isla is one of four glens situated on the edge of Cairngorms National Park in Scotland.

  • Bemersyde Moss Reserve

    If you enjoy bird watching or you are keen to see a wide array of beautiful flowers, then visit Bemersyde Moss, a small twenty-five hectare reserve that is made up of grass and woodland. Bermersyde Moss Reserve is owned and taken care of by the Scottish Wildlife Trust, and is situated about four miles east of the town of Melrose. There is only enough parking for two cars, otherwise you can ...

  • Spey Bay Reserve

    Most know Spey Bay Reserve as being a great place to go for walks – a reputation that is well deserved since there are several excellent short and long walks within the confines of the reserve. However, the Spey Bay Reserve is also home to the largest area of coastal shingle in Scotland as well as several different bird, insect and plant species. During spring and summer, flowers bloom and ...

  • Glen Nant National Nature Reserve

    Glen Nant National Nature Reserve (Glen Nant NNR) is a renowned Scottish oakwood with a fascinating history and many interesting creatures. It is well known for the woodants that call it home as well as for playing a role in the history of iron-making in Scotland. The Scottish Natural Heritage organization and Forestry Commission have jurisdiction over Glen Nant National Nature Reserve, ...