Visiting Stranraer

The region of The Rhinns of Galloway is located in the most western area of Scotland, and is the location of the fascinating town of Stranraer. For years the town has been viewed as nothing more than a very busy seaport, but the great variety of historical attractions and activities in Stranraer makes it a destination worth visiting. It might be a little off the beaten track when it comes to popular Scotland destinations, but it is a town that deserves exploration as it is home to unique attractions and many noteworthy sites.

Each day there are a number of ferries that transport passengers from Stranraer to Ireland, from the Stena Sealink Terminal. Here visitors will find the bus station, as well as the train station, and to accommodate travelers there are restaurants and a few shops located here. Visitors who wish to discover the beauty of Stranraer and its surrounding areas for a few days will find comfortable accommodation in its hotels, of which the Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel is extremely popular due to it being inside a lighthouse that is still working.

Some of the attractions to enjoy in Stranraer include the Stranraer Museum, the 1500 tower that served as a military campaign headquarters and as a prison, and the breathtaking Castle of St. John. The West Pier was constructed as part of the town’s first harbor in 1820. Irish ferry services began after the East Pier was constructed in 1862 and even though the pier is now only used by small boats, it is still a noteworthy site to visit as a part of Stranraer’s history. Just a few miles outside of Stranraer, visitors will be able to explore a variety of other attractions such as the picturesque gardens of Castle Kennedy, the ruins of Cistercian Glen Luce Abby which dates back to the twelfth century, Chapter House, Portpatrick Resort, Logan Botanical Garden, Logan Fish Pond, RSPB Nature Reserve and the Dunskey Castle ruins from the sixteenth century. Stranraer is a peaceful destination in Scotland that will surprise visitors with its wonderful sites, spectacular nature and wildlife, and historical adventures.