Sueno’s Stone in Forres

In Forres of Scotland is a wonderful attraction that is a significant historical site. The Sueno’s Stone was found buried, and its discovery has opened new doors into the past of Scotland. Its exact reason for creation is still being speculated upon, even though three plausible theories exist. To protect this wonderful stone from the elements, it is encased in a large glass structure. The Sueno’s Stone attracts thousands of visitors each year, who come to marvel at this ancient monument and its detailed engravings.

The Sueno’s Stone is a commemorative stone and it is suggested that it was either commissioned to celebrate Kenneth MacAlpin’s victory against the Pictish nobles, depict the Burghead battle between the Norsemen and Pictish forces, or to remember the death of King Dubh, who lost his life in 966 in a battle at Forres. No matter the reason for the Sueno’s Stone being created, it is without a doubt a breathtaking relic.

Standing at a height of six meters, or twenty feet, the Sueno’s Stone has been dated back to the ninth century due to its carving style. While researching military maps from 1590, 1750 and 1789, they all reflect the Sueno’s Stone in approximately the exact same position it is in today, with the only difference being that the maps show that there was once two “carved pillars” of which only one remains. The stone was only encased in the early 1990s as parts of the stone pillar had been damaged over the years but most of the engravings can still be seen. On one side of the pillar a large Celtic cross has been engraved into the Old Red Sandstone with the other side of the pillar having four panels, each depicting a part of a battle. From the top visitors to this attraction will see rows of horsemen, with armed soldiers reflecting in the second panel. On the third panel, the bodies of the dead enemy soldiers can be seen, as well as decapitated heads, along with archers, horsemen and foot soldiers. The last panel shows the army leaving the bloody battlefield, celebrating their victory. The Sueno’s Stone is a very rare and unique attraction that is a recommended site for all who visit Scotland.