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  • Hebrides


    If you are looking for a quiet little Scottish town with air links, a beach and a laid-back tranquil atmosphere, Balivanish may be exactly what you are looking for. Also spelt ‘Balivanich’, this small village is a picturesque place which is ideal for a relaxing and tranquil holiday. You certainly won't find the hustle and bustle of the city here. Instead, the characteristic cry of sea gulls ...

  • Museums

    National War Museum

    Edinburgh, in Scotland, is home to one of the most visited attractions in Scotland, namely the National War Museum. Some visit to relive old memories and some visit out of curiosity and because of its historical importance. It is a museum that is the heart of Scottish history and the monument representing four-hundred years of fighting and combat. As with most museums of this ...

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    National Museum of Flight

    The National Museum of Flight is located on an old RAF airfield in East Fortune and was founded as a national museum in the year 1975. It is a museum that highlights the triumphs and the heartache, experienced by the brave men that protected and fought for their countries from the air, and it pays tribute to the designers and the curious, that made flight possible through ...

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    Myreton Motor Museum

    Situated just one mile from Aberlady is the fascinating Myreton Motor Museum. Inside is an automobile enthusiasts dream world. The large building of the Myreton Motor Museum houses a truly impressive collection of motorcycles, cars and military vehicles. If you love cars then this is the place to go.

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    Hawick Museum

    Situated at Wilton Lodge Park in Hawick, the Hawick Museum is a great place to spend an afternoon. This small museum is perhaps more commonly known for a number of ancient Egyptian treasures which were recently discovered in the museum's basement. Until recently, it had always been known that these pottery fragments existed but they had never been dated and so their true worth was unknown. ...