Scottish Snowdrop Festival 2008

The name is quite deceiving to those who are not familiar with Scotland or the Scottish Snowdrop Festival. It is a flower festival, set amidst magical winter scenes and breathtaking snow covered gardens. A Scottish Snowdrop is a tiny white flower that blooms in the beginning of each year and were brought to Scotland by soldiers who fought in the Crimean War and who planted them in their gardens. Today, these petite flowers adorn the forests, the shores along the rivers and immaculately manicured gardens and parks.

The Scottish Snowdrop Festival 2008 will be held between the 1st of February and the 16th of March, 2008. It will be the second festival of its kind, and returns due to popular demand. By participating in the Scottish Snowdrop Festival 2008 visitors will be taken on a fairy tale journey through more than fifty different locations that include lavish country estates, mysterious woodlands, romantic Scottish castles, tranquil parks and magnificent homes. Some of the locations to look forward to include Gagie House, Cluzean Castle, the Cambo Gardens, and the Ayr Country Park. Each location has areas blanketed by Snowdrops, forming endless rivers of soft white, with trees and buildings decorated in snow and ice. Some locations offer special exhibitions and talks on the gardens and have fascinating information in regard to Snowdrops. This spectacular festival also highlights the importance of nature and the intricate balance between humans and nature. Scrumptious refreshments are available to enjoy while taking in the beautiful sights.

Children will also be able to keep themselves occupied at the festival at locations, such as the Finlaystone Country Estate, The Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh and Kailzie Gardens, where there are many activities and attractions to entertain the younger visitors. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Cambo House and the Castle Kennedy and Gardens will be hosting Dark Sky stargazing evenings on predetermined dates and offer fascinating rocket launching sessions, comet making classes and other attractions for young children.

Visitors should not miss out on this unique festival, as some of the locations of the Scottish Snowdrop Festival open their premises to the public, exclusively for the festival. It is a marvelous opportunity to see Scotland in an entirely new way, discover its hidden winter beauty, and explore the majestic wonder of nature.