Scotland’s Arran Wildlife Festival of 2007

Every year hundreds of people from all over Scotland gather together to enjoy the Arran Wildlife Festival. Situated just two hours from Glasgow on Scotland’s west coast, the Isle of Arran is one of Scotland’s most spectacular islands. It has an abundance of wildlife that live in a protected environment where they are able to flourish, providing visitors to the festival with a truly memorable experience.

Festival patrons are able to take part in a variety of activity over a couple of days which educates them and exposes them to both the wonders of nature and the importance of conservation. The festival is open to people of all ages and is a delight to all who experience it.

The Arran Wildlife Festival in Scotland is still a relatively new concept, having only started last year in May 2006. On that inaugural event more than 600 people gathered together to participate in almost 20 different events which were held across the island. The festival organizers worked together with RSPB Scotland, the Forestry Commission Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage to make sure that the event would not negatively affect the environment. They also made use of nearby Kilmory community to host many of the events.

Last year the event featured items such as photographic art exhibitions, sea-bird sighting from a ferry, the viewing of an Arran hen harrier live through CCTV technology, face-painting, craft stalls, games, guided moorland walks, slide-shows, minibus safaris, seashore walks past rock pools and seal breeding grounds, forest adventure walks through the Kilmory Water woodland, film footage of the white-tailed sea eagle, boat rides along the shoreline and other nature-orientated activities.

The Arran Wildlife Festival is designed to cater to both children and adults and there is really something for everyone. The town of Kilmory provides great hospitality and the natural wealth of the Island of Arran does all the rest. The people involved truly care about nature and for many it is the perfect opportunity to get their children better acquainted with mother nature’s bounteous blessings.

The 2007 Arran Wildlife Festival will take place between 16 and 23 May and will likely prove to be even more popular. So why not start making arrangements to be at the Arran Wildlife Festival for this year and get your family better acquainted with nature.