Moray Art Centre – Promoting Creativity

Operating as a non-profit organization, the Moray Art Centre aims to promote creativity through regional and international art exhibitions, art classes, tailor-made programmes focusing on inspiring young people, and professional artist’s training. Located in the spectacular landscape of Findhorn Bay, Moray, the carbon-neutral, purpose built civic centre is most likely the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. Geothermal pumps along with passive solar building design and insulation provide the building’s heating, while solar photovoltaic roof panels produce enough electricity to supply the centre’s needs and export some back to the national grid.

The Young Person’s Studio at the Moray Art Centre offers world-class facilities, encouraging young people to explore their creativity, feed their imaginations and acquire new skills. Workshops, regular art courses, outreach activities, individual sessions and special events are open to individuals between the ages of 8 and 25, as well as being available to organised groups such as colleges, schools and community groups. Topics covered include animation, film making, drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking.

The two galleries at the centre meet all environmental and security requirements for hosting major exhibitions and displaying works on loan from national collections. The main gallery was launched in May 2008 with an exhibition of the works of John Byrne, with subsequent exhibitions including works by Mary Bourne, Jon Schueler, and Joy Nagy, as well as theme exhibitions such as An Leabhar Mor – a collection of the works of more than 200 poets, calligraphers and visual artists from throughout Scotland and Ireland.

Volunteers have the opportunity to get involved in the activities of the centre as important members of a team dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives. Volunteers can assist as guides at exhibitions, handle reception duties, help out with repairs and maintenance, assist with setting up for workshops, and fill the role of contact person for participants in the Young Person’s Programme, plus many more diverse and essential duties.

An interesting feature of the Moray Art Centre is the People’s Millions Garden, which includes play areas, a green woodworking area, wild beasty wall, a hand-built kiln and a prehistoric cup marked stone. There is no charge for entrance to the garden and it is open all year round, providing a tranquil setting for visitors to tap into their own, maybe as yet undiscovered, wealth of creativity.