Join in the Fun at the Tiree Wave Classic

If you enjoy windsurfing and relish a good festival, The Tiree Wave Classic is exactly the sort of event you are probably looking for. Complete with top-notch windsurfing, great activities for the whole family to enjoy and a wonderfully friendly group of people, the Tiree Wave Classic is a not-to-be-missed event.

Not many visitors to Scotland think of it as a premier windsurfing destination – indeed, many people wouldn’t even think of dipping their toes into the icy cold oceans that surround the UK. But locals have been making use of the surrounding seas for recreational purposes for years and The Tiree Wave Classic has long been a favorite event on the Scottish calendar. This stunning island off the coast of the Scottish Highlands is affectionately known as ‘The Hawaii of the North’ or ‘The Land Below the Waves’. It is here that sailors gather together for a week-long festival filled with wind, waves and beaches to compete in a variety of water-based events. Freestyle, wave jumping and super cross are just some of the disciplines you can expect to find here. And you don’t need to be windsurfing in Tiree to enjoy the event – there are plenty of other adventure sports and activities for visitors to enjoy.

Tiree is a very small island, which is home to only about 700 people. This means that the accommodation is quickly booked up, so often the only way you can enjoy the festivities is to organize regular transport from the mainland to the island. But don’t let this deter you – the traveling is well worth it. Weather permitting, visitors can try their hands at catamaran sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing, surf kayaking, windsurfing super cross, fishing, sea tours, traction kiting, dingy sailing, pony trekking and a host of evening entertainment. Many of these activities are subsidized to reduce cost and increase accessibility, but you may still be required to pay a small fee for the hire of equipment.

This year’s Tiree Wave Classic will be taking place between the 13th and 20th of October 2007. Tiree has a reputation for being the best place to go windsurfing in Scotland, so if this is your favorite sport, you simply have to give it a try. Book your tickets and make your travel plans for a week of the most extreme, adrenaline-fuelled action off the coast of Scotland!